Piopiotahi – Milford Sound

Pip Woods ‘Piopiotahi – Milford Sound’ at Michael Reid Northern Beaches

Pip Woods is a ceramic artist from Wellington, Aotearoa New zealand. She makes small collections of sculptural vessels, exploring a theme, form or technique. Pip has exhibited in New Zealand and Australia and has been a finalist in award exhibitions, including two time finalist in the NZ Portage exhibition.

“This collection of ‘Mountain Vases’ is a tribute to Piopiotahi or Milford Sound, in Fiordland Aotearoa NZ. I was fortunate enough to visit this most spectacular place this year, and was in complete awe of the vast mountain walls which rise out of the sea; the misty, mossy rainforests and the tourquoise waters. I wanted to capture glimpses of these features in this series, as well as reflect the human interaction with this environment which is reassuringly managed under the principles of ‘kaitiakitanga’ or guardianship, providing the protections necessary to preserve this pristine, magical place”. – Pip Woods

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