Pip Woods

Pip Woods was introduced to clay whilst studying psychology at university over 20 years ago.

She retained the passion and continued to practice but her career took her in other directions, most recently working in adolescent mental health. Now, a full time ceramicist, Pip’s work is still influenced by her curiosity and observations of the human condition.

She has participated in exhibitions in New Zealand and Sydney, and was a finalist in the New Zealand Portage Ceramic Awards in 2018.


“I wanted to capture the organic shapes and smooth textures of the common mushroom, which magically appear in our gardens and forests. These small lives are always associated with mystery, surprise, and sometimes danger and are endlessly fascinating. They continue to find their way into my sculptural forms.”

  • Pip Woods
    White Mushroom Vessel 1, 2021

    12 × 11 × 17 cm
  • Pip Woods
    White Mushroom Vessel 2, 2021

    10.5 × 10.5 × 17.5 cm

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