Natures Flow

Sophie Nolan is a ceramicist based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. By using hand building techniques, Sophie creates one-of-a-kind curvy, sensual sculptural pieces, each shape holding its own presence and personality. The celebration of the human form, focusing on the beauty of our unique imperfections, curves, nuances and individualism is a constant theme running through her work. “I find myself fascinated with the aesthetic of the female form. Beyond the form itself, I see mysterious beauty deeply layered with complexities; strength, power, vulnerability, joy, fear; all unique to the individual.” Sophie’s work has been exhibited in both group and solo shows for galleries such as Michael Reid, Sydney Road Gallery and St Cloche in Sydney and IXL Gallery in Hobart. Sophie supplies interior designers and stylists, high-end interior and fashion stores and has enjoyed collaborations with fashion designers such as Viktoria + Wood.

“We are not apart from nature, we are a part of nature.” Prince Ea

“In this body of work I seek to encourage a dialogue between the natural landscape and the female form. Through this age old relationship between woman and nature, I address the concept of earth as the mother of humanity, a nurturing essential resource.

Through my sculptural pieces, I prompt the viewer to recognise our interconnectedness to the natural world, to remember that we come from nature, we are nature. My organic shapes have intuitive and visible parallels between the curves of meandering rivers, boulders, tree trunks, branches and human trunks, torsos and limbs. Giving the curving trunks and twisting branches of our gum trees anthropomorphic qualities. The feminine shapes and forms highlight the nurturing and healing attributes of women and nature, their resilience and ability for renewal.

I hope my work will evoke the viewer’s own feeling of being in close relationship with our natural environment. A reminder to us all to celebrate, honour, protect and preserve our ‘mother’” – Sophie Nolan


Banner photo credit: Sam Mackie

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