Sophie Nolan

Sophie Nolan is a ceramicist based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. By using traditional hand building techniques, Sophie creates one-of-a-kind curvy, sensual vases, each shape holding its own presence and personality.

Sophie studied Visual Communications and has worked as a graphic designer for many years. Her background in graphics has given her a keen eye for shapes, balance and form. Sophie is largely self-taught in ceramics, supplemented with one-on-one lessons and short TAFE courses. What began as a side line passion swiftly became her main focus, taking on commissions, supplying high end interior stores and stylists, being featured in designed spaces, fashion styled stories, publications and now exhibiting her works to the public.

The celebration of the human form, focusing on the beauty of our unique imperfections, curves, nuances and individualism is a constant theme running through her work.

Sophie begins with a characteristic in mind, sketches out the shape, unique in angles and curves, then slowly moulds the desired form and allows the essence to emerge.

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