Shelf Life

  • Artist
    Cathy McMichael
  • Dates
    12—30 Jun 2024
  • Gallery Location

We are delighted to announce the return of Cathy McMichael to the Michael Reid Clay program.

Following her beautiful showing in the Pour group exhibition curated by Vicki Grima at Michael Reid Northern Beaches last August, McMichael is back with an exquisite new collection of vessels that celebrate the perfect beauty of timeworn imperfection.

Through a skilful and unique approach to ceramics, the artist evokes the nuanced textures of aged and corroded surfaces with gently mottled, worn and variegated patinas that emote elegance, gravitas and grace.

McMichael experiments with rust, oxidation and patination in her glazes, with shadows of dark clays emerging through her work’s tumbled, tarnished, rough-hewn finishes in deep olive greens, mottled mustard, glossy jade and deep rust.

The result is a fabulous interplay between her contemporary sensibilities and an eye for the earthy romanticism and moody historicism of classical artifacts and ancient relics weathered by time.

By playing up the graceful irregularities of the handmade, this collection of pieces forms a perfect complement to Stacey McCall’s new series of quietly sublime, artfully undone still-life paintings, ‘Breathwork’, which is showing concurrently at Michael Reid Murrurundi.

Cathy McMichael’s work is paired with Stacey McCall‘s latest exhibition, Breathwork.

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