Reimagining, Remaking

Michael Reid Clay is thrilled to welcome back Hana Vasak with a new series of work titled Reimagining, Remaking.

Reimagining, Remaking is a collection of pieces that are grounded in the lived experience, merging an endless fascination with the ocean, Greek mythology and the classical form of the amphora.

The inspirations take cues from the Baroque period. Elements derived from this visual style embrace colours that are sensuously rich and works that are ornate in nature.

Expression of exploration into working with clay in its natural state gives way to the beautiful diversity of texture, tone and colour.

This collection is a continued series of a body of work that is embedded in exploration into the artist’s love for reimagined ceramic forms. Inspired by diverse historical periods and merged with memories of places visited. Pieces are reimagined and remade for a contemporary context. They embrace both the past and present.

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