Kristy Hussey

Kristy Hussey is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist and sculptor. She works primarily in clay (hand-building and wheel throwing) as well as making sculptures in plaster, bronze and limestone.

“Central to my practice is my background in science and a life-long passion for learning. I am drawn to both the scientific nature of ceramics and the possibilities to extend what can be achieved with the medium. From the geology of the clay bodies, to the chemistry of glazes and the alchemy that occurs during the firing process I am fascinated by the limitless combinations of these factors in creating works of art.Both art and science are human attempts to understand and describe the world around us. As both a scientist and an artist I strive to understand and see the world in new ways and to communicate that vision. My love of experimentation, combined with my innate desire to explore, break rules, and push boundaries is ever present in my practice. I push the clay to its limits (to the point of collapse, subverting gravity), break traditional pottery rules and intend to offend the traditional sensibilities of pottery. Each piece that survives its trials is beautiful and unique. I aim for this uniqueness, the tension inherent in the dichotomous nature of ceramics – at once fragile and strong.

The Covid19 pandemic compelled the Victorian State Government to lock down its population to a degree unimaginable until 2020. The privilege to leave Melbourne was simply not an option but the yearning to escape had never been stronger. My desire to search for a time or place beyond Covid19 manifested in the creation of these ceramic vessels which reference satellite dishes, telescopes and search lights; an unexpected depiction of my anxiety but perhaps one that harks back to my scientific background. Searching for a logical escape from an illogical scenario. Searching for an answer the the unanswerable”.

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