In Dialogue

  • Artist
    Hana Vasak
  • Dates
    1—25 Nov 2023

Hana Vasak is a Naarm/Melbourne-based artist who has been developing her practice working with clay. Her work is created with gestural hand-building techniques, embracing the raw materiality of clay, and balancing pieces with minimal use of glazes. These creations often hold meaning and are attached to a personal narrative. They are made in a slow and considered way, and designed taking visual inspiration from sculpture, nature and ancient pottery.


In dialogue brings together pieces inspired by ancient pottery techniques & nature. These pieces express ideas of connection. Barbotine ware, an ancient decorating technique has been reconceptualised in this body of work. Pieces are adorned with decorative motifs, patterns and designs that incorporate this traditional method and style. Pieces have been reimagined and remade. Experimentation and exploration give way to subtle differences in the vessels undulating shapes and tones. The earth toned clay and the deep blue glaze emulate those tones that can be seen in the skies, the horizons and landscapes of the sun rising and setting. They symbolise ideas of connection. Co existing in harmony with each other as they sit side by side. Created to be in pairs or stand alone, subtly all kindred in the space they occupy. – Hana Vasak

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