Hana Vasak ‘Gestural Senses’

Hana is an emerging artist based in Melbourne. Embracing creating hand-built sculptural vessels, Hana’s ongoing development in exploring new forms often takes visual inspiration from sculpture, natural forms, ancient pottery and her travels. Pieces are often attached to a personal narrative, they are made in a slow and considered way, one piece evolves into another and allows Hana to continue refining her studio based practice to create pieces that merge sculpting and hand building techniques whilst subtly playing with shape, form and texture.

“Gestural Senses is a series of reimagined ancient forms. The Amphora vessel is a piece that has inspired me endlessly and has been a reoccurring form within my practice. In ode of the Amphora vessel each piece carries its silhouette. Along with organic long necked forms and embellished wavy ledge handles inspired by ancient utilitarian and ritualistic Egyptian vessels.

They have been created to harmoniously engage with each other, flowing from one to inform the other. Over time I have observed as the pieces slowly dry, they gently move. These subtle gestures evoke a sense of movement and flow within the forms, all unified by slight variations in their shapes. The gestural stroke of applied glaze along with multiple firings has created layers of texture. The colour palette and chalky finish resemble and reference the raw clay used in ancient pottery.

This creation of works represents a reflection on this year. Embracing a sense of flow, giving into the year and creating personal rituals that assist to slowly move through day by day.”

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