Cindy Tong ‘Foliole’

  • Artist
    Cindy Tong
  • Dates
    17 Apr—5 May 2024
  • Gallery Location

Cindy Tong is a ceramic artist based in Sale, Gippsland, drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of nature. Her diverse body of work explores the delicate details and hidden depths found in natural forms, ranging from foliage to geological structures. This fascination with nature’s nuances is evident as Cindy seamlessly transitions between abstract compositions and her interpretive renderings of Australian flora.

“When you look at a banksia or a gum tree, what do you see? For many, it’s often the iconic flowers, but I find my attention drawn to the intricate details of the leaves. In “Foliole,” I’m proud to unveil a series that celebrates eucalyptus and banksia foliage. This exhibition invites you to discover the mesmerizing patterns that emerge when you take a closer look at natural forms.

Each piece in this collection has been formed on the wheel, and then transformed using techniques such as sgraffito and mishima to mimic the intricate veins and textures of the leaves. The carved and glazed details are complemented by the natural beauty of the clay itself. Through this exploration of form and texture, “Foliole” not only celebrates the beauty of Australian flora but also invites contemplation of the delicate balance between art and nature.”

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