Lisa Geue

Lisa Geue works primarily in ceramic, creating ancient shape inspired vessels and organic looking sculptures with a focus on form and experimental glazing. With a background in photography and film, composition plays a role in both, the visual language and the photographic archive-like work. The Germany-born went to Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig from 2013 – 2019 to study Photography.

In 2019 she traveled to Australia and lived at the ocean. Deepening her connection with nature, natural processes like mineralization, decomposition of coastal rocks through saltwater or cycles like high and low tide, have become inspiration for her practice. As a natural product, Clay is inherently organic in its appearance and visceral in its moulding. Drawn to its texture and plasticity Clay has become Geue’s medium of choice.

Inspired by ancient and prehistoric periods and eras like Jōmon, Uruk and Native American ceramics, Geue uses different techniques like coiling and slapping. By using minerals, oxides, shells, carbides and woodash, Geue creates unusual textures of glazes in multiple firings which result in a unique surface.

She served an internship at Galerie EIGEN + ART Leipzig, Germany in 2012 and worked for Julia Stoschek Collection Berlin from 2017 – 2018.

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