Lauren Joffe

Lauren Joffe is a ceramic artist who was born in Cape Town and with her family immigrated to Melbourne when she was young. Her development as an artist can be seen as an outgrowth of her personal biography with South Africa,Australia and Japan. Lauren completed degrees in Law and Arts (English Literature) before changing direction and pursuing her interest in art. She studied gold & silversmithing in RMIT University’s Fine Art program and continues to use metal and glass in her practice. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia and in Europe, Japan, South Africa and the United States. In 2016 her work was selected for a major exhibition of young designers and makers at the Southern Guild Gallery in Cape Town. She has been a finalist in Contemporary Wearables, a Biennial Jewellery Award Exhibition in Australia, and in the Itami International Craft Exhibition and the Itami International Jewellery Award Exhibition in Japan. She was an Emerging Creative at the 2012 Design Indaba in South Africa. She was selected for the prestigious Galerie Marzee Internation Graduate Show in the Netherlands. She has been awarded Australia Council for the Arts grants and her work has been acquired by RMIT University and the Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery.

Lauren Joffe’s work is primarily concerned with exploring the aesthetics of the vessel form and she has a particular interest in the surfaces of her pieces. She makes both individual and related groups of vessels, each informing the next. She is interested in the Japanese aesthetic tradition and concept of beauty, specifically in the celebration of the natural and its defects. Her work expresses dualistic ideas: restraint and spontaneity, the accidental and the calculated, chaos and control. She engages with traditional processes to discover new interpretations and possibilities and enjoys pushing the boundaries with techniques and materials. She hand builds and hand paints her ceramics and prefers to make simple forms and use a limited colour palette in order to explore form through lines, light and shade. The surfaces of her pieces are all hand painted and the act of mark making is a very slow and meditative process, with fluid marks applied to the surface in varying depths to create distinctive irregularities, textures and surface oxidization. Whether working in clay, metal or glass, it seems the commonality is the process of the craft in which chance and spontaneity are instrumental to the outcome.


  • Lauren Joffe
    Untitled (Pot) 1, 2020

    40 × 30 × 30 cm

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