Kristy Hussey

Kristy Hussey’s work centres on the themes of fragility, resilience and rebelliousness. With a background in science, and a passion for learning, I am drawn to the scientific nature of ceramics and the medium’s potential. As both a scientist and an artist I strive to understand the world around me and to communicate my vision. My love of experimentation, my innate desire to explore, break rules, and push boundaries is omnipresent in my practice. Each piece that survives its trials is unique. I aim for this uniqueness, the tension inherent in the dichotomous nature of ceramics – at once fragile and strong.

“In the midst of uncertainty surrounding our lives during the Covid19 pandemic, people are looking for something to hold onto. Oversized handles are comforting. Out of despair, desperation and the hopelessness of isolation came something tangible, something to grip.  But oversized handles are precarious. They are difficult to attach and very difficult to dry, then they tend to warp during the firing process. By the time they can be held, they have survived many stages and trials. Hence, they offer a sense of sturdiness while maintaining their fragility”.

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