Kirsten Perry

Kirsten Perry is a Melbourne-based ceramic artist with a background in Fine Art (Gold & Silversmithing), Industrial Design and Multimedia and is a self-taught ceramicist. Kirsten predominately slip casts mid-fired functional and non-functional vessels that pay homage to traditional ceramics.

The bio-morphic objects she creates are initially carved from disposable materials such as foam and cardboard, which are then translated into ceramic. Something is gained in this translation; somehow more than merely the evidence of her process – such as the hope and joy that difference can offer. Her process highlights the texture of the foam and cardboard and often exaggerates imperfection.

Kirsten explains, “I am attracted to flaws and vulnerabilities. The objects have an usual beauty — what I imagine to be some sort of living organism from a planet far away”.

Kirsten has also completed ceramic residencies in Germany (2017) and Peru (2018).


  • Kirsten Perry
    Clam, 2020

    41 × 27 × 30 cm
  • Kirsten Perry
    Barnacles, 2020

    47 × 26 × 26 cm

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