Katia Carletti

Katia Carletti is a potter living in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. She makes her work using various hand building techniques in her home studio, using reduction fired stoneware. Her practice focuses on creating work that is functional and which feels nice to hold, look at and use; drawing inspiration from repetition in nature, folk art and a need for practical vessels in the home.

“Making these works was an exercise in order, simplicity and repetition. They are a quiet meditation on the rhythms of the day, the little tasks repeated over and over with my son. The food we bake, the garden we water, the walks we take, the flowers we pick.
The vases I make offer their own forms of repetition; in their shapes, their carved lines, their tone, and the act of slowly hand pinching the clay over and over. Eventually the flowers we have grown are placed in them. In this way the process feels folded into the rituals of our days.”

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