Hayley West

Hayley is a multifaceted artist, designer, and educator born in Orange, on Wiradjuri land. Currently based in Newtown, Sydney, on Gadigal land. Hayley’s academic background, earned her a BA in Fine Arts from UNSW COFA and a BA in Interior and Spatial Design from UTS, with first class honours. Over the past decade, Hayley’s artistic practice has evolved, with ceramics emerging as her medium of choice. Her works, both functional and sculptural, are imbued with a variety of themes and interests, reflecting her artistic vision and creative expertise. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Hayley also works as a ceramics technician and artist educator, sharing her knowledge to multiple ceramic studios and schools.

“In my exploration of ceramic pouring vessels, I delve into the intricate relationship between pouring and poverty, examining the paradoxical interplay of abundance and scarcity. The pouring vessel, a timeless symbol of generosity and provision, serves as a metaphorical conduit for contemplating the complex nature of abundance. However, when placed with the term “poor,” it becomes a subtle commentary on the scarcity that many individuals face in their lives. The wordplay in this work acts as a bridge between these seemingly disparate realms, urging viewers to question the balance of existence. Ultimately, I hope these vessels become objects of contemplation, embodying fluidity and fragility, inviting viewers to reassess their perceptions of this dichotomy.

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