Georgia Harvey

Georgia Harvey is a Melbourne-based ceramicist who handbuilds animal inspired forms and vessels clothed in a variety of textural surfaces. A graduate of Painting at RMIT, she went on to become a conservator before finding her way to a sculptural practice, heavily inspired by artefacts encountered in her conservation work. She draws on experiences from several years spent living in the desert environment of the UAE, and uses materials sourced from walks up mountains, in wadis, or from around the block. Conscious of the high energy used in ceramics she strives for a minimal carbon footprint in her practice, and reclaims studio waste for reuse, with the way that repurposed materials might interact or behave guiding how the next work could be made.

“Gathering brings together an assortment of characters and vessels in an ambiguously ceremonial tableau. In a convergence of styles riffing equally off the ancients and the moderns, it incorporates vessels for ritual draughts, food-like offerings and stony creatures invested with quiet humour acting as emissaries between here and before. In this body of work Georgia continues to explore the nature of what gives life to inanimate objects, and the reactions and attachments we form to things through prior association.”

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