Fliss Dodd

Fliss is a sculptor/photographer living outside of Berry NSW. She studied Ceramics at the ANU School of Art back in 1994 where she fell in love with hand building whilst being taught by ceramicist Hiroe Swen. Fliss draws upon her life experiences, travel, culture, humour and everything in between as reference points and inspiration for her work. She has also worked closely with textiles, design and photography and her continual fascination for other cultures and travel has enabled her to develop her own unique and distinctive sense of style from which she now draws upon in her latest sculptural abstract pieces.

Ode to the Ox is a unique collection of abstract cows influenced by the cows serenity, calmness as well as their cultural significance around the world. From being worshipped and sacred, to being looked at as meat and milk. In this body of work the individual form as well as the collective creates a sense of playful movement that enables the viewer to experience those characteristics that I feel when seeing these beautiful creatures out in the paddocks surrounding home. Their poetic crescent shaped horns are symbolic of the crescent moon seen in cultures around the world and the figures standing on their fence post plinth emulating their bovine friends creates a harmonious, spiritual bond between one another.

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