Fiona Alvarez

Fiona Alvarez is a ceramic artist living and working in Eora/Sydney, Fiona holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts having majored in Sculpture and was highly commended for her work in the Travelling Art Scholarship. Fiona has spent many years working across film, design and community art spaces and recently completed an Advanced Diploma in Ceramics with her graduate work being featured on the cover of The Journal of Australian Ceramics.

“These vessels are cast from prototypes I have made. Some were fashioned from clay and other were assembled from paper. Mold-making and slip casting is a process that has intrigued me due to it’s ability to produce objects that all at once convey concepts of truth in artifice, via its transformational, ambiguous and contradictory properties. This gathering of small vessels arrived out of a theme of the garden. I have isolated some elements of what constitutes a garden, such as colour and mossy textures. They also reference the cultural symbiosis between flowers and vases.” – Fiona Alvarez

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