Clae Studio (Britt Neech)

Clae Studio is a project of artist Britt Neech. Britt creates from her Mornington Peninsula home studio, with a focus on unique yet timeless design. The use of the hand building techniques of coiling and slab-building capture beautiful variances and showcase the intrinsic beauty of the ceramic material. Design references for Clae Studio’s sculptural and playful pieces are drawn from art, history, nature and discovery through experimentation.

“As a maker, you are totally immersed and present in the process. Clay is a material that comes from the Earth that you can mould in your hands into whatever you want. The process is creative, meditative and grounding. Once a piece is fired it’s a permanent record of the time and the place it was created and is imbued with the maker’s sentiment”

-‘MEET THE MAKER – CLAE STUDIO’, written By Makers Mrkt

Finding Form: April 2022

  • Clae Studio (Britt Neech)
    Heirloom Vessel (Chalkwash), 2022

    9 × 17.5 cm


  • Clae Studio (Britt Neech)
    Valley Vessel (Chalkwash), 2022

    6.5 × 18 × 20 cm


  • Clae Studio (Britt Neech)
    Chalkwash Tower, 2022

    12 × 44 cm

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