Cita Diadone

Cita’s ceramic work focuses on close studies of objects she collects such as striped limpet shells, pink urchins, gelatinous seaweed and burnt banksia pods. Rendering the architecture inside a wasps nest or the infinite geometry of insect wings. She works on small scale forms exploring the transformative and translucent qualities of porcelain. Cita plays with ideas around hybridity and anthropomorphism. She often works with sprig moulds which she puzzles together organic and manmade forms investigating themes around mixed mythologies.   2022 Feb Elegy to Currowan Exhibition at SHAC Galleries 2022 Oct Frivolity and Fire Exhibition at Shoalhaven Regional Gallery 2022-23 Dec Facilitator for The Wonder Room a wood structure covered in some 800 terracotta tiles coordinated by Shoalhaven Regional Gallery, Nowra. The Wonder Room is currently in an exhibition #brickvasecupjug at the Art Gallery of NSW 2023 June “Garden” OpenField Contemporary Arts festival Berry working with Glenn Barkley on an installationof over 1000 small trees and shapes.

“Transcience and patterns in nature are key concepts in Cita’s ceramic practice. Local tidal zones of the NSW south coast provides a myriad world of marine, entomological and botanical life to draw from. This current body of work delves into the reflective realm of the rockpool. A metaphor for seeing the self, a dive into the existential and the visceral oceanic microcosm where we are inextricably clinging barnacle like to the life force of the sea.”

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