Chrystie Longworth

Following her graduation as a printmaker at Sydney College of the Arts, South Sydney based ceramicist CHRYSTIE LONGWORTH quickly developed a preference for clay mediums, reveling in the endless creative possibilities that the medium affords. Now in her thirteenth year as a professional ceramicist, Chrystie’s work is characterised by its organic
simplicity. Chrystie notes her local flora and fauna as an ongoing inspiration, helping her to create decorative and functional vessels that fit effortlessly into a slower, more considered pace of life.

This is Chrystie Longworth’s first exhibition with Michael Reid CLAY and the collection is divided thematically. Inspired by the classic pottery shapes from Ancient Greece, the Modern Antiquity range is a counterpoint to throwaway consumerist culture. These classically shaped functional forms speak to times of acquiring, where objects were utilised, treasured, inherited. Ruminating over this, Chrystie Longworth took to the potters wheel to rephrase ancient shapes for a contemporary context.

The Sartorial Collection engenders a sense of cheeky frivolity. These quirky forms buzz with personality and celebrate the joy of expressing oneself sartorially. Small pinches of detail take the form of collars, sleeves and studs. Coupled with the artists highly attuned use of glaze and texture, these wonderfully charming pieces are designed to elicit a humorous smile
in the viewer.


  • Chrystie Longworth
    Minimalist Vessel, 2020

    14 × 11.5 cm
  • Chrystie Longworth
    Dusky Vessel I, 2020

    15 × 12 cm
  • Chrystie Longworth
    Rosehip Vessel, 2020

    13.5 × 9.5 cm
  • Chrystie Longworth
    Accessory Vessel, 2020

    14 × 13 cm

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