Cassie Hansen

Cassie Hansen is a Kyneton-based ceramicist, creating midfire and stoneware vessels and objects. Her work is inspired by her interest with the simplified forms and linear qualities of various architecture periods and movements, as well as the shadows and compositions captured in architectural photography.

As the editor of design magazine Artichoke, Cassie draws on a decade of experience looking critically at design, architecture, interiors, furniture and objects. She began ceramics in 2016, and in 2018 spent a year learning from renowned ceramicists Neville French and Kate Jones at Shane Kent’s Melbourne-based ceramics school, the School of Clay and Art (SOCA).

In 2020, she was named a finalist in The Design Files’ Design Awards, in the Emerging Designer category.

February Solo:

‘Peek Hour’ is a series of bold vessels and jugs influenced by architectural gestures, the cityscape, geometry and shadow lines. Each piece is an assemblage of parts – a simple cylinder form which has been added to and altered to create volume, drama and dialogue. From vaulted ceilings and oculus windows to shutters and balconies, architecture informs every detail of these ceramic vessels, particularly the handles, spouts and embellishments. Subtle textures, shadow lines and repeated geometry add to the graphic, architectural nature of this series.


  • Cassie Hansen
    Co-Op vase, 2020

    30 × 11 × 6 cm
  • Cassie Hansen
    Handle jug, 2020

    20 × 13 × 5 cm

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