Bastard Ceramics (Astrid Salomon)

‘Bastard Ceramics’ is the tag of German-born, Melbourne based, Astrid Salomon.

Salomon originally started out as a photographer (with work in Vogue, Elle, Glamour and Interview Magazine) before moving on to film and television.

“If you look at film making, it’s a very lengthy process that involves lots of people. Ceramics is more about solitary work coming out of a single place that is me. It is a very direct conversation with the
clay. Working with it has been a revelation … a revelation of parts of my character that I didn’t know how to nurture before.”

Salomon prefers to be ‘present’ at all stages of the creative process, fitting out her back shed with a gas kiln and going so far as to develop her own glazes. . This is a long and painstaking process of testing, trail and error. The studio becomes, in effect, a science lab.

Saloman has shown in Sydney and Milan (for the travelling exhibition ‘1000 Vases’) and was featured in SuperStudio Magazine, published by the pioneering architectural collective of the same name.

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